Trainers Training




This 2.5-3 hour online theory, one-on-one training covers all Elleebana techniques, manuals, products, training procedures and techniques. All potential trainers must submit 6 case studies for review and will receive the title of Trainer upon approval of the case studies along with lifetime access to real-time videos of Lash Lift demonstrations.

Please Note: 

  • This is a commission-based position. Income as a trainer is based on the amount of training's you hold. A minimum of 1 training per month are required to be considered an active trainer. In order to be considered a Retailer you will need to make a minimum first order of $3,000 and a minimum $1450 restock order

  • There are no specific or guaranteed territories for Elleebana Trainers, meaning there may be several trainers located in the same city or state.

  • Proof of Esthetics or Cosmetology license required prior to purchase. Please email your image to

  • Required to purchase from POP Lash & Beauty Bar on any and all future products needed. 

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This course includes: 

  • Full Size Lift Kit
  • Belmacil Mini Tint Kit
  • Marketing Promo Pack (full details of this to be determined by Jodi and McKay, but this is what has been proposed to be in the marketing promo pack)
  • 3 to 5 Elleebana One Shot Posters 
  • Informational Flyers 25 count
  • After Care Instructions 25 count
  • MSDS Forms 
  • Trainers Manual 
  • Pricing Sheet for Trainings 
  • Trainers Certificate 
  • Ongoing Support

All PDF Documents required for a Training

  • Student enrollment form
  • Idemnity/Consent form
  • Belmacil Manual
  • Student Test & Trainers Answers 

Trainer Perks: discount on kits and certain products, retain all revenue collected from trainees, access to the elleebana usa facebook trainers group, and title of elleebana trainer.