Microblading is the hottest & latest semi-permanent beauty service trend. We offer many options when it comes to Microblading. From Powder Brows to Mircofeathered Brows. After all, they are your brows, you should be given options! 



- A semi-permanent to permanent makeup service just for the brows. Giving you natural, realistic results that last up to 12 months or more. 

-  Semi permanent + Permanent makeup services are always a two-step process, results require time and patience.

  • Microbladed Brows: Redefines and reshapes the brow with 3D hair strokes. Intensity is based on clients preference.

  • Powder Brows: Creates a filled in look with no visible strokes and has a powder finish. This technique is permanent due to it going through more layers of the skin. Is best for those with oily skin types. 

  • Combination Brows: Use of both Microbalding and Powder Brow techniques.

  • Micro-Feathered Brows: Intended for clients whom have a fuller brow or for those with sparse areas in brows. Creates a softer, natural, wispy look.

FIRST Session $350*

The first session consists of numbing the brows for 20-30 minutes. During this time, technique & shape will be determined. Every brow is customized according to your unique facial features. The service takes about 2-3 hours, from start to finish.  

Removal + first session $425*

We offer removal of  previous semi-permanent or permanent brows. Healing time is about 4 weeks before any Microblading or semi/permanent makeup services can be done. 

+Cancer Patients: FREE/one monthly -please contact us to enroll-


SECOND Session or Touch Up $100+*

After four weeks, a touch up is required for lasting and desired results . This appointment can take 1-2 hours. After your touch up, your brows should last anywhere from 12- 18 months.

Yearly touch ups are highly recommended. Price will vary.  

THIRD Session $150+*

For our FIRST/ SECOND session clients whom do not follow aftercare and/or oily skin types, or have significant pigment loss. 

Touch Up from Another Salon $250 - $350+*

For those who have had their brows Microbladed by another artist.

This service is perfect for those that need: a follow up touchup, color correction, redefining of brows due to loss of shape or loss of pigment.  

annual re-touch session $250+*

For those who need to refresh their brows 12 months after their initial appointment.




We gladly accept cash*, check*, card

a credit card is required When booking either online or by calling. the credit card ensures your appointment, without a credit card, your appointment will not be booked. we do not charge the credit card, However, you MUST cancel 24 hours prior to your appointment time. By not doing so or "no showing", you will be charged 50% of the service. For package holders, a Touch up will be taken. 

*as of september 2017, a 3% convenience DISCOUNT WILL BE REWARDED TO PURCHASES MADE