Salon FAQ



Classic*: These extensions are considered to be our original technique and most popular service. An (one) individual extension is placed on your own natural lash. These extensions create natural, longer, darker lashes. Here at POP, we customize lashes. There are many choices available to give you the look you're looking for.

Full Set: 1 hour 15 - 1 hour 30
Touch-Up: 1 hour- 1 houre 15

Volume*: These extensions are the latest technique and service to be added to our menu. We take up to 5 extensions and place it onto your natural individual lash. These extensions are light and weigh as much as a individual extension found in our Classic's. Volume creates dimensional, fuller, statement worthy lashes. Many choices are also available in Volume's and all customizable.

Full Set: 2 hours & up
Touch-Up: 1 hour & up

Lash Lift*: This service replaces the daily routine of curling your lashes with an eyelash curler; that can, overtime, cause great damage. A silicone rod is placed along the lash line and lashes are wrappedaround the shield. This fast, 2-step  process gives the lashes the perfect curl. No need for an eyelash curler anymore. Lasts up to a month. Recommended for those whom have straight fine to course lashes.

1 hour

Keratin Lash Lift*: Just like the Lift, the Keratin lash lift is a 3 -step process that lasts twice as long as the classic lash lift, a silicone pad that forms to your eyelid is placed along the lash line. Lashes are wrapped to the pad, 40 minutes later- you have the perfect lift and color inhancement.

90 minutes

Touch up From Another Salon: This service is for those whom need a touch-up and are a first time client here at the salon. This service is no different than a regular touch up, but it may take more time due to the work that is different from ours here at POP. Since this is the first visit, we may have to take off more or less in order to give you the fullest look that is achievable.

1 hour and up

Party Lashes: Going to vegas for the weekend? Party Lashes are great for a fun weekend or a special occasion. These lashes are clusters of 2-3 that are applied to your lashes with a temporary adhesive that lasts up to 2-3 days. Giving you a dramatic or natural look that takes minutes off your "getting ready" routine!

30 minutes

Strip Lashes: We carry the hottest styles from House of Lashes in the salon with the option of us applying them on for you! Prices range, check out our online store!


1. Can I use a lash serum while using my lash extensions?
            Yes, only during lash rehab for lashes that have gone through recent damage. We recommend using BIOTIN instead before, during, and after the time the client has their extensions rather than using a serum. Note: Just know that the serum will break down the bond and the extensions will fall off sooner rather than later.
2. Can I use makeup with my lash extensions?
            Sure you can! However, we do recommend powdered eyeliner instead of a gel or liquid. Gel and liquid can build up and form between the lashes and overtime will pull lashes that are growing faster than others. Use caution while applying the liner. Lashes won’t last as long if you wear makeup daily on your eyes. We recommend using Grande Liner.
3. I use eyeliner every day, will that affect my lashes?
            Absolutely, as said in the last question, overtime lashes will suffer. If you care for them properly by using the right products to clean and apply makeup, lashes will last longer whereas properly not cared lashes won’t.
4. Can I use mascara with my lashes?
            Lash extensions do give the look of having mascara on, so mascara is not needed. However, some clients whose lashes have fallen off and can’t get in on time for a touch-up will resort to applying mascara. Please note: it must only be on the tips and mascara especially for extensions.
5. Can I put false lashes on top of my extensions for a more dramatic look?
            We do not recommend false lashes, but if you are faced with an event that needs more drama, use a strip lash instead of clusters. When applying the strip lash, apply your eyeliner first and then place the lashes on the liner. Do not apply them wedged into lashes.
6. How do I wash my face with my lashes on?
            Don’t be afraid to wash your face, but we do recommend washing your face in the sink rather in the shower. Wash around the orbital of your eyes with your fingers and then blow your lashes dry with a blow dryer on cool at a distance upwards.   
7. What is the best way to sleep with my extension?
            On your back is best. Face down is a no-no!


8. I noticed my lashes or lids hurt for a few days? Why did that happen?
            Two things. First, the lashes were applied too close to your lids not leaving 1mm to 1 1/2 mm distance. Call your technician immediately to have them fixed. Or you have had irritation to the glue. Rinse immediately, if this persists- call your technician.

9. They start to burn, why is that?
            During the procedure, the eye may be open slightly where fumes from the adhesive may be entering and causing the burning. After the service and the gel pads have been removed, you may experience burning but it is due to lingering fumes. Added air to them and that sensation will be gone.

10. My lashes lasted longer the last time I got a touch up, but this time they didn’t seem to last…what happened?
            Lashes grow in cycles; you might have just caught the lashes at the end of their lifespan. Another factor that could play is that the lashes got wet too soon. Also humidity can break down the glue a lot quicker. Keep watch, it could be the glue.
11. Can I get my lashes thicker, or darker, or fuller?
           Another approach could be switching to volume lashes, ask your technician.
12. I’m going on vacation and will be in the water, will they last as long?
            Lash extensions are waterproof by nature after they have set correctly, but constant in and out of the water will definitely make your lashes fall of sooner rather than later. When possible (chlorine and salt water) rinse them off with fresh water so that crystals don’t form and lashes do not attach themselves to neighboring lashes.
13. I noticed every time I lost a lash extension, I had my own lash attached to it. Is that normal?
            Yes and no. Yes because lashes naturally shed. You are now noticing it with having a lash extension attached to it. No because the lashes could have been placed on incorrectly. If you are losing more than 5 a day, there is an issue.
14. Can a pregnant woman wear lash extensions?