We offer educational classes on Beauty, Wellness, & Lifestyle at our sister location, POP Society. 


pop society

As of last year, our salon expanded and made available a 288+ square foot classroom. We call it our Social House. Our Beauty + Wellness + Lifestyle creative space is for today's dreamers, do-ers, and entrepreneurs to tap into their creative and curious side. Whether it's through our current class options or by showcasing their work by teaching, we offer you an outlet and platform for your passion and work. 

elleebana lash lift

We currently house Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift, BELMACIL, & SPM- Some of the hottest trends in the beauty industry at the moment. Pop Society is the first and only to offer these classes in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. As an Elleebana certified distributor and trainer in Southern California, we offer courses both in person and online; as well as being a one-stop shopping destination for any and all Elleebana products. If you are located outside of CA, you can find the nearest trainer/ distributor here.

lash extensions

Lash extensions have become a huge trend, like the ómbre, that is progressively changing with styles and techniques. Lash extensions come in many forms of lengths, curl, color with two techniques available that are intermixable with one another. This rapidly expanding market will give you the business you are looking for!
This beauty trend is not only for celebrities and models, but also for the everyday woman or man that are making lash extensions apart of their daily regiment.


POP Society is dedicated to offering other class forms that you can teach or attend. If you're interested in teaching or learning a new skill, check out our calendar or register your class

Our main goal is to house your creativity and bring some inspiration to Orange County. Although our studio is flexible and open to all types of submissions, we do cater to the Beauty, Wellness, and Lifestyle community.